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Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing Process:

Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing for businesses is now and is the future. It is not only being used to help us socialise personally but businesses are using social media to great effect. It has evolved as a key media to get new customers and to keep in touch with the existing customers. Social media can help businesses boost their brand name and increase market share by working as an effective communication channel with the customers. It is also a platform of choice to conduct customer and product related research, getting customer involved by hosting contests and provide a means to regularly interact with the customers and get their feedback about products and services.

Social Media Management has emerged as a new discipline in the web services in last few years. Top E Position has the expertise and had been providing Social Media Managing services for years. We offer consistency and persistence coupled with smart management and has helped many customers boost their profit. We have rich experience and have successfully managed social media plans for a large number of companies.

We can provide a comprehensive one-source solution for all your social media management needs. We offer SMM solutions for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+.

This is how we help our clients with their social media management needs:

Create your corporate brand name

Branding is very important in today's competitive market. We create social media pages, which make an impact. We have designers who toil hard to create fabulous Social Media Pages.


Once these pages are created, we help advertise them in a cost-optimised way so you are sure go get value for amount of money you spent in Social Media Advertising.


We create engaging applications for your business that engage your customers effectively resulting in good conversion.


Our social media wizard would help broaden your network beyond what you can think. You "update engagements" will be phenomenal.

Content Creation

We will create impressive and effective content, which will be worth reading and sharing. We will micro-blog on your behalf and ensure that the content affects the customer in an effective way.

With Social Media Marketing from Top E Positions you can let us:

  • Manage your Facebook business page
  • Manage your business Twitter account
  • Manage your Instagram Business account
  • Manage your Business Pintrest
  • Manage your Linkedin page & over 20 other profiles

Who We Already Serve

Grand Old House
Caymanislands Weddings and Events
IRG Cayman
Cayman Islands Submarines


"In ou industry, food, beverage and service are the product we rely on, it is very hard to produce high quality but it is even harder to control it and market it to the consumer. While we concentrated in what we are good at, Top E Position will take care of the rest, working and improving our guidelines and making sure that our effort in creating a great product, goes noticed and returns revenue."
- Luciano De Riso
"Very happy with service and the guidance provided by Top E Position. Customer service was very good and quite personal with one point of contact."
- Vassel G. (Bud) Johnson
"It was and still is very nice to work with Top E Position. The team is very polite and has given me quick answers, always trying to meet our needs. The quality of the work is very good!"
- Erica
"We have been delighted by our experience with the Top E Position team. From the start, they have been a competent, knowledgeable and professional group of experts who have been able to show patience and consideration with our specific needs. They have been on top of their game with their timing and courteous responses, and have always acted with care and consideration of our particular requests. The whole team are very worthy of all of the accolades they've received, and we are happy to recommended."
- Mairi Ann Padmore
"The design of the website came out excellent along with a user friendly back portal interface. Top E Position has developed a quality product."
- Sonia Talwar
"All of the feedback I have received regarding Trident Properties website has been excellent. It is easy for clients to use and easy for my agents to make updates and changes on the backend."
- Trident
"Helped triple traffic on website with SEO. Great Customer Service."
- Jeremy Hurst